Updated on: 1th August 2019.

Effective Date: 1th August 2019.

EU Global Data Protection Regulation (Effective since 25 May 2018) - Enforced by European Union. This regulation determines the responsibility of the controller and the processor towards the Data Privacy protection of the customers.


Who collects the customer's data and also decides the how the pesonal data is handled.


Who handles the customer's data based on the Controller's instructions.

JustStepOnline is the data processor of your customer's information. We are compliant with GDPR. Ensuring data protection is a crucial factor of our service and continuosly strive to reinforce this.

Some of Our Meaures to Ensure Your Data Safety are:

Password encryption - Passwords are stored in encryted format. Even if the customer forgets the password, it cannot be retrieved from the database.

Card information - JusttepOnline never stores any card information. All the data are processed directly by the payment service provider.

Secured server - We ensure that all the services ae provided through HTTPS/SSL thus ensuring a secure connection.

Controller Obligation

You also have certain regulations to adhere. JustStepOnline has provided a facitlity to assist you in this. Contact support for more details.

JustStepOnline is equipped to handle GDPR compliant requirements such as:

Right to be Forgotten - You may request to delete all the details of your account permanently.
Right to Object - You may request to exclude your data from any application statistics analysis.
Right to Access- You may contact us in case of any specific queries about your personal data.

Please contact our suppot for more details.

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